Aniyia L. Williams

creator. marketer. musician. hair magician. techie. foodie. mommie.

"Vivere una sola vita, in una sola città, in un solo paese, in un solo universo, vivere in un solo mondo è prigione."

- Ndjock Ngana


I'm a creator. I love to solve problems and improve the world around me using my various talents. People describe me as "the one who can do anything" -- I'm incredibly resourceful, quick-learning, and always ready for a challenge.

My background is in the arts and tech: I have over a decade of training as singer of classical music and opera, and worked in the tech industry since 2011. Before starting my own company, I grew up in a family business, and held roles in marketing, community management, business development and nonprofit fundraising at other organizations. 

I started Tinsel in 2014, in response to the lack of tech products developed with women in mind. After coming up with the idea of an audio accessory that doubles as a beautiful piece of jewelry, I left my role in marketing at Voxer to pursue it fully.

With no previous experience building consumer electronics, I was able to pull together the talent and funding needed to bring my "tech jewelry" ideas to life. Today I am fully immersed in the development and manufacturing of fashion-first hardware, as well as building the first fashion brand for consumer electronics. 

Alongside building Tinsel, I lead Black & Brown Founders and through this organization, I continue to spend time working to provide resources and access to underrepresented founders in tech.

I am also co-founder of the Zebras Unite, which calls for a more ethical and inclusive movement to counter existing start-up and venture capital culture .

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