Reach out to me with questions, inquiries, and compliments.

…but before you do, allow me to manage your expectations. :)

There was a time when I took great pride in living the “inbox zero” life. Ha, those days are long gone. I lost it somewhere between running multiple companies and having a kid. Now, it’s more like “inbox infinity”. Do you ever feel like there are too many inboxes and notifications to check if you actually wanna get $#!& done? Yeah, me too. Every. Damn. Day. Thus, I present a few preferences and pro-tips to increase the chance that you’ll hear back from me.

  1. Be really clear about how I can help, and answer as many obvious open questions as possible in your initial message.

  2. If you need an urgent response, mention it in the Subject. But don’t say it’s urgent if it’s actually not. Please tell me the reason why it’s urgent in your message.

  3. Follow-up! If I haven’t responded to your email, it may have gotten buried. A couple follow ups should be enough.


Go on, you can do it!

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