creator. marketer. musician. hair magician. techie. foodie. mommie.

Creator. Inventor. Musician. Hair Magician. Techie. Foodie. Mommy.

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I’m Aniyia Williams. Pronounce it like “Anita” without the “T”. Whether I'm holding a laptop, pen, microphone, comb or spatula - I love to create. And I have a particular passion for creating things that improve the world around me. Welcome to my internet home. Keep reading to learn more about what I do.

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Black & Brown Founders

Black & Brown Founders provides community, education and access to Black and Latinx entrepreneurs.

Zebras Unite

Zebras Unite calls for a more ethical and inclusive movement to counter existing startup and venture capital culture.


Tinsel creates tech jewelry for women. Our mission is to create electronics that allow women to enjoy tech without sacrificing their style.

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Listen, read, and watch what I’ve been sharing.


You can find me on Twitter, in the news, speaking at events, producing events, and wherever you listen to podcasts. Check out a recent Black & Brown Founders project, “Rewriting the Playbook”. Me and my fearless co-host, Deldelp Medina, discuss the rules of the Silicon Valley game, what needs to change, and how to build a badass tech business against all odds.